Archives for the Month of June, 2011

Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes

Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes Work from Picture Sculpture. “It is a mix of pictures which we are the author taken in the last few years. This book reveals the tight frontier and the close relationship between mediums nowadays. What is the role of photography, in parralel to documentary photography? What is the difference […]

Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel Work from his current exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. “The New York-based artist Cory Arcangel (* 1978) uses his work to explore the practices and myths that have built up around Internet culture, pop music and experimental music. In processing visual and audio material for his works, he not only uses […]

Emilie Halpern

Emilie Halpern Work from her oeuvre. “Emilie Halpern’s new exhibition of sculpture and photography at Pepin Moore is both poetic and diffuse, tracing somewhat mystical connections between astronomy, geography and ancientEgyptian mythology. Halpern has a knack for quiet,elegant pieces that gesture toward larger existential questions, but in this case she seems to be stretching a […]

Michael Rolph

Michael Rolph Work from his oeuvre. “At the heart of all my work there is an incurable focus on questioning ‘beauty’ and ‘reality’, with many of the images celebrating the banal. In a failed attempt to explain my thought process: Often we think without words, not just words spoken, but not even words in one’s […]

Jojo Luzhou Li

Jojo Luzhou Li Work from her oeuvre. “My sculpture is sometimes really a photo and my photo is actually a painting.  By this I mean that my work investigates the realm between image and object, confusing and hopefully destabilizing the lines between photographic image, painterly gesture, and three-dimensional space and the various kinds of information […]

Micah Schippa

Micah Schippa Work from vapor. Also see No New Info. “I am interested in translation between analog & digital, hand and machine.” – Micah Schippa

Clint Baclawski

Clint Baclawski Work from his oeuvre. “My most current work depicts a spectacular American culture saturated with large-scale color imagery, consumerism, and forward momentum. The attractions featured in this series are both novel and commonplace, including parades, reenactments, fairs, and trade shows in ordinary communities around our country every day. Each event is transitory, challenging […]

Joann Brennan

Joann Brennan Work from her oeuvre. “Joann Brennan has concentrated her photographic work over the past twenty years on the efforts of scientists to maintain the delicate balance between human needs and interests and those of wildlife populations. Human construction often interferes with the less obvious byways of wildlife, cutting animals off from established routes […]

Pe Lang

Pe Lang Work from his oeuvre “Pe Lang’s poetic and elegant hand built sculptures combine mechanized systems with new materials to mandate and manifest a different approach to kinetic movement. Lang realizes performances and creates installations by ingeniously assembling magnetic, electrical and mechanical devices and even inventing new devices and prototypes. The resulting works are […]

Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad Work from Spaces Etc “Ron Gilad’s hybrid objects combine material wit with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional. Gilad is fascinated with philosophizing about the common objects we live with. His work, which vary from one-off to limited editions and production pieces, have no […]