Archives for the Month of April, 2012

Emanuel Rossetti

Emanuel Rossetti Work from his oeuvre. “Multiplex, with its various formal and contextual layers refers to a plural character of perception, like in a multiplex-cinema, where in different halls a multitude of images and illusions can be perceived at the same time. Rossetti’s ability of displaying elements accurately and unerringly within a space (be it […]

Valerie Snobeck

Valerie Snobeck Work from her oeuvre. “The partially erased mirrors in Valerie Snobeck’s first New York solo flirt with avant-garde chestnuts like Duchamp’s “Large Glass” and Robert Rauschenberg’s “Erased de Kooning Drawing.” And as Ms. Snobeck deploys them in a scattered installation of wall and floor sculptures, they also perk up a tired post-Minimalist idiom. Ms. Snobeck’s technique depends on […]

Anna Sagström

Anna Sagström Work from her oeuvre. “Sound, light, plaster, yarn, cassette tape, wood, tar, image, text, concrete and fur, are all materials we have an experience of. We have touched them, felt them and we know how to relate to them, whether it is an experience of a solid material such as concrete or an […]

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan Work from Installation Views. “After viewing many gallery and artist sites over the last few years, I became interested in the common photographic practice of installation views. These installation views (also called exhibition views) exist strictly as a class of images that provide proof for the material reality of specific works. Although […]

Scott Wolniak

Scott Wolniak Work from his oeuvre. “With his new body of work presented in this exhibition, Wolniak continues his use of cause and effect to unlock what he perceives as a hidden interiority. He has created a series of plaster sculptures and relief paintings that investigate internalized process and bidirectional becoming, but the material stakes […]

Žilvinas Kempinas

Žilvinas Kempinas Work from his oeuvre. “I am attracted to things that are capable of transcending their own banality and materiality to become something else, something more. I like the way that videotape is simultaneously delicate and durable, since it’s meant to last. I can rip it easily with my hands because it’s so thin, […]

Joe Grimm

Joe Grimm Work from his oeuvre. “My medium, properly understood, is not objects in space; nor is it light and sound. Instead I interrogate the human body’s psycho-sensory apparatus, exposing its blind spots, glitches, errors. Taking sense experience as my canvas, I make work that exposes the support; I show where the canvas ends. In […]

Russell Hill

Russell Hill Work from his oeuvre. “The work of Russell Hill engaged in a playful and ironic way, with themes such as consumerism, mass merchandise and the throwaway society. He uses objects that we use every day and around us as if they belong to us. Hill arranged these items in an aesthetically pleasing manner, […]

Bean Gilsdorf

Bean Gilsdorf Work from her oeuvre. “My practice mines the ideology of images. I appropriate pictures of historical and cultural moments to make collages, flags, installations, and videos. By reshaping images from mass-market books and popular films, I explore the legacy of an archived, public narrative. Using popular and accessible images that transmit a codified and […]

Bernard Voïta

Bernard Voïta Work from his oeuvre. “…Over the past years Bernard Voïta has worked almost exclusively in the medium of photography, although the way he does so is often compared to sculpture. In his work he challenges the medium’s boundaries and its imputations and sounds out its potential as well as questions of perception. Out […]