Archives for the Month of January, 2013

Charles Nikolas Beunconsejo

Charles Nikolas Beunconsejo Work from Reality is a Hologram. “It looked like a calm had settled, but then he realized he couldn’t shake off the restlessness. There must be something more than this. Suddenly Charles Buenconsejo felt limited within his own craft, after he reached a point where he thought he already knew what there […]

Bunny Rogers

    Bunny Rogers Work from Questions on Ice “comedys pretzel tradegys pumpkin root vegetables are strong and stubborn, like all farm animals. Did you know: Pumpkin is a fruit? Pumpkins are fruits in mourning, like all squash. mushing down with their curly green pig tails. Pumpkins are read slow, like all sad things. Like […]

Sharon Harper

Sharon Harper Work from One Month, Weather Permitting. “Since the earliest days of the medium, photographers have turned their lens towards the heavens at night. Now, beginning March 4, 2010, Rick Wester Fine Art (RWFA) presents a contemporary investigation comprised of a complex and resonant series of photographs of the night sky by the Cambridge, […]

Olve Sande

Olve Sande Work from his/her oeuvre. “Many of Olve Sande’s conceptually complex, often architectonically-inflected works are as likely to allude to literary production as they are to visual art itself. His series of prints referencing T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, for example, depict nothing but the editorial mark-up through which Eliot’s mentor, Ezra Pound, amended and […]

Christopher Derek Bruno

Christopher Derek Bruno Work from his oeuvre. “Christopher Derek Bruno is a maker above all other things. After his education in industrial design, Derek has moved about the United States cultivating his approach to the fabrication of furniture, and sculpture based imagery. His recent works aim to address the underlying concepts of visual perception by […]

Jacob Dahlgren

Jacob Dahlgren Work from Palermo1966 (other works also included). “Palermo1996 explores the allure of the supermarket and removes items directly from the shelves in order to create this contemporary geometric abstraction. As a result of the construction elements, metal and magnets, this work also functions very much as a performance piece, through the building of […]

Nick Relph

Nick Relph Work from his oeuvre. “There are young to mid-career artists today who jump nimbly across mediums and delight in the rich phenomenological possibilities of found objects and images. They tend not to work in a recognizable style, but instead create artworks that are united by sensibility—sly, mysterious, ironic, poetic. Think of Ryan Gander, […]

Enrico Boccioletti

   Enrico Boccioletti Work from his oeuvre  “In the act of making something, all other options die–unborn. The ones you did choose not to make. The constant opportunity of what might have been reverberates–eternally–in what actually becomes factual. Based in Milan, Enrico Boccioletti is an artist and musician active in the fields of post-conceptual, new […]

Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson Work from her oeuvre. Wilson currently has exhibitions at Higher Pictures in NYC, Gallery 44 in Tornoto and the Essl Museum in Vienna. “My artwork uses images and materials from the natural landscape as a starting point for interpretation and confrontation. My work creates relationships between architecture and nature, and the gallery space […]

Dora and Maja

Dora Budor and Maja Cule Work from Bodysurfing @ Stadium. “In the age of self-design where everyone is constantly producing an image of themselves for the reception of a global audience, D+M have fully embraced this reality by employing strategic brand campaign tactics as their primary mode of production. For Bodysurfing the duo have taken […]