Tess Hurrell


Tess Hurrell

Work from Chaology.

“My practice is primarily using photography as a framework, a context for ideas of perception, discovery, proof and understanding. Using it’s uniquely complex language, I aim to create images that communicate on different levels about the way in which we see and observe.


This series grew from a fascination with the visual power of the photographed explosion. These silent and still forms are created from images of explosions caught at a point of expansion. Source material includes the received images from Hiroshima, nuclear tests, the space shuttle disaster, burning oil and white phosphorus bombs. They are at once icons of destruction and yet familiar organic formations, reminiscent of clouds, tornados, flowers and liquid.

‘Chaology’ is about the ironic beauty of these formations; the impossible fragmented time that the camera allows, and my distance from the reality of these mediated events. The physical creative act is an important aspect to this work, merging the contradictions of human nature: the instinct to both create and destroy.”

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