Niklas Persson

Niklas Persson

Work from A Few Specific Actions (Free).

“A series of installations explores the dramaturgy of meaning and the modes in which information serves as a way of fixing and containing the world. Leaving everyday objects, carefully composed according to a complex set of binaries and word pairs, leaving us with cryptic messages that are loaded with intentionality, yet stubbornly defying fixed meaning.

Information Wants to be Free is a statement, a provocation and an invitation for discussion taking as its point of departure the abundance of free magazines available in London’s public sphere. In the exhibition, The London Paper, Metro and London Lite are allowed to serve as a basis for a larger exploration of free information; its mode of entering consciousness and becoming a seemingly transparent backdrop to the everyday.

Read by millions of commuters each day, the easily accessible, insistently fragmented and free of charge magazines open up for questions about the kinds of messages allowed in the public sphere and the modes in which they work within this space. The title does in this sense have a dual meaning, beyond referring to ‘free’ as in gratis information it also suggests a level of desire and agency in play in information flows. Beyond being a passive entity to be consumed, information is here treated as something considerably more dynamic and endlessly more difficult to define…” – Niklas Persson

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