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Regine Petersen

Regine Petersen Work from Find a Falling Star. “I use the process of taking photographs as a vehicle for thinking. When I set out to take pictures I usually have no fixed or pre-determined end-point. My method of working gives me the space to be constantly reflective and this in turn permits my work to develop […]

Beth Dow

Beth Dow Work from Ruins. “I’m drawn to subjects that puzzle me, especially incongruous elements in unlikely places. These are the first photographs in a new portfolio that looks at the ways we appropriate and approximate the romance of ruins into modern American environments, and what this says about our longing for historic precedents. While […]

Niklas Persson

Niklas Persson Work from A Few Specific Actions (Free). “A series of installations explores the dramaturgy of meaning and the modes in which information serves as a way of fixing and containing the world. Leaving everyday objects, carefully composed according to a complex set of binaries and word pairs, leaving us with cryptic messages that […]