Lieko Shiga

Lieko Shiga

Work from Lilly.

“Her stunningly eerie images from the series Lilly manages to create an unreal sensation of being in viewers. Drawing inspiration from paranormal photographs popular in the early days of photography, Lieko shot these images of residents staying in a block of council flats in East London, where she was pursuing her studies.

From her statement:

“This series shows everybody who lives in Tomlinson Close and it was shot in front of an outside wall in the estate which I covered completely with black cloth. Within the cmaera I melted my emotions together with these instants of these randomly-chosen people’s lives, these various personalities and characters and their gazes back at me. As the subjects were all people who lived in this building, I lost my control over them and so an unpredictable narrative, another “Tomlinson Close” came about of its own accord.”” – via Asian Photography Blog

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