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Rachel De Joode

Rachel De Joode Work from Various Qualities To Orbit The Mysterious Core “Installation of a group of eight photographic sculptures. The pedestals are printed, rather than produced as volumetric shapes, and the sculptures that sit on them are no thicker than the wood they are mounted to. The sculptures are photographs of sculptures resting on […]

Cady Noland

Cady Noland Work from her oeuvre. “Michèle Cone: Practically every piece I have seen of yours in group shows or in your one-person shows projects a sense of violence, via signs of confinement — enclosures, gates, boxes, or the aftermath of accident, murder, fighting, boxing, or as in your recent cut-out and pop-up pieces — […]

Kjell Varvin

Kjell Varvin Work from his oeuvre. “In Kjell Varvin’s installations, drawings and sculptures, geometry and anarchy combine to take on an astonishing life of their own: the compositions grow out of the wall, or into it, it’s hard to tell. The components, some two-dimensional drawings and some built in three dimensions, consist mostly of clear, […]

Jessica Labatte

Jessica Labatte Work from her oeuvre. “JF: Without reducing you to a specific “school” of photography, you seem to be in company with a generation of young photographers interested in the physical process of photography, yet your work also deals with larger issues/metaphors related to illusion, performance and perception. Do you see your work being […]

Dan Bradica

Dan Bradica Work from his oeuvre. “My work involves disrupting the appearance of the natural environment to explore its relationship with artifice, control, and classification. I create photographs of temporary sculptures made from synthetic materials in managed forest preserves. Each sculptural form takes a shape complementary to its surroundings appearing in contrast to a depiction […]

Evan Roth

Evan Roth Work from Propulsion Paintings. “…His approach and work process takes inspiration from the free software movement and hacker ethos. The “hack”, a term stemming from early computing culture, describes a clever (often playful) intervention into an existing system that alters the intended purposes or meaning. Like the judo fighter using his opponent’s weight […]

Nadia Belerique

Nadia Belerique Work from Light on the Subject (The Divided Self) and Rehearsal. “Photographs imitate sculpture, sculpture imitate photographs. Magic is often good pretending. Using constructed and found images, I aim to disclose and reveal photography’s ability to transform through work based on light and illusion. In these multidimensional sets I employ photographic tropes highlighting its […]

Melanie Bonajo

  Melanie Bonajo Work from her oeuvre. Text by Wyatt Niehaus. In her photographs, videos, installations and performances Melanie Bonajo approaches paradoxes of domestic life within a culture of free-time and luxury, the facets of a Modernized Society that remove from the individual the feeling of belonging, and increase feelings of isolation and identity issues […]

Matt Hilger

Matt Hilger Work from his oeuvre. “the statement (above) like the work is meant to clumsily with what it is and what is isn’t and what can be built by those productive communications, most notably at a level with how a this ‘otherthing’ translates the ‘thing’ it index’s. Taking place with in a practice that […]

Neal Fryett

Neal Fryett Work from his oeuvre. “An exercise in expansion (on the utility of a thing) 1. A door-wedge, door-stop, or door-wedge-stop is a utilitarian apparatus most often associated with the holding of a hinged or otherwise swinging door at a preferred position. 2. It may, however, be utilized for a multitude of purposes – the […]