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Cynthia Greig

Cynthia Greig Work from Representations. “My series “Representations” combines photography and drawing to explore the concept of photographic truth and its correspondence to perceived reality. No digital manipulation is involved. Focusing on the representation of ordinary things, I draw directly onto 3-dimensional objects (which I have painted over in white paint) to create visual hybrids […]

Jowhara AlSaud

Jowhara AlSaud Work from Out of Line. “The latest body of work began as a comment on censorship in Saudi Arabia and it’s effects on visual communication. There are regions in Saudi Arabia where people still draw a line across throats in photographs (figuratively cutting the head off.) There are blurred out faces on billboard […]

Molly Springfield

Molly Springfield Work from Translation. “I can’t remember the first time I read Proust—a fact that’s ironic on a number of levels. I’m pretty sure it was sometime during the summer of 2004, the summer after my first year of grad school. A friend who is something of a Proust evangelist forwarded me a Word […]

Josh Poehlein

Josh Poehlein Work from Borderlands. “Pisces. For the week of April 3, 2008. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson told The Washington Post the following fun facts: “There are more molecules of water in a cup of water than cups of water in all the world’s oceans. This means that some molecules in every cup of water […]

Yvonne Lacet

Yvonne Lacet Work from the series template of a sleeping city. “For the project ‘Template of a sleeping city’ I was walking through nightly cityscapes and suburbs. The sketch-photographs I took while walking were dominated by circles, squares and rectangles; a completely abstract image showed up. These images can be seen everywhere; the night brushes […]

Joe Hardesty

  Joe Hardesty Work from the series Text Drawings. Hardesty’s work with text drawings is a conceptually compelling look at the content of photographs and how one reads an image. “I make seemingly simple drawings on paper that address ambiguous and contradictory aspects of our cultural landscape. By focusing viewers’ attention primarily through the use […]

Jamie Lund

Jamie Lund Works from the series Memory and My Loss in Your Gain. I have no idea how I came across this work, but I feel that it addresses the snapshot aesthetic that is so painfully prevalent in a conceptually divergent way. Both sets of work shown here involve family snapshots / memories gilded or […]