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Andrew B. Myers

Andrew B. Myers Work from his oeuvre. “Tell me about your influences and where you go for inspiration. I’m very interested in contemporary art and design, almost exclusively, so most of my inspiration comes from what I see going on in recent years. Painting to me is an exciting world, especially the work I see […]

Vanessa Billy

Vanessa Billy Work from her oeuvre. Also, there is a review of a recent show at This is Tomorrow. “To misquote Ecclesiastes, ‘The sun also rises, the sun goes down […] All art is meaningless and a striving after wind.’ Vanessa Billy’s Suns Neither Rise Nor Set (2008) comprises two convex glass discs that looked […]

Geert Goiris

Geert Goiris Work from Slow Fast. The iconography of Geert Goiris includes rather cheerless interiors, deserted playgrounds, stationary locomotives, staged explosions in park-like surroundings, and mysterious constructions that have, at some time, embodied a modernist architectural Utopia. His major fascination and his most concentrated attention, however, are focused on desolate landscapes, which often seem to […]

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle Work from Unititled House Series. “A modest suburban house landscaped with palm trees and decorated with a pine wreath, a serene yet ominous in-ground swimming pool, a solitary abandoned lawn chair. Converting the unused white sheet into an empty landscape, Doyle creates a juxtaposition of personal place with the void, highlighting the anxiety […]

Yvonne Lacet

Yvonne Lacet Work from the series template of a sleeping city. “For the project ‘Template of a sleeping city’ I was walking through nightly cityscapes and suburbs. The sketch-photographs I took while walking were dominated by circles, squares and rectangles; a completely abstract image showed up. These images can be seen everywhere; the night brushes […]

Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert Work from Papierarbeiten. I saw Schubert’s show yesterday at Upstairs Berlin, and it was quite a treat. The works are made only of folded paper and are remarkable. He is represented by the Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie. On a side note, searching for his website led me again to the phenomonal West […]