Archives for the Month of May, 2011

Eric Cahan

Eric Cahan Work from Sky Series “A native New Yorker and devotee of contemporary art, Eric Cahan’s influences include Mark Rothko, James Turrell, and the Light and Space movement, a brand of minimalism that originated in Southern California in the 1960s and focused on perceptual phenomena such as light, space, volume and scale. When he […]

Alberto Cabrera Bernal

  Alberto Cabrera Bernal Work form Perforations and Every Four Frames Alberto‘s work will be showing at mg/gm tomorrow night. “A film constructed from destruction with the piercing or perforation of its footage, the different Super 8 fragments of selected archive images. Although, at first, its identity is one of attack, the film does not […]

Isa Genzken

Isa Genzken Work from her oeuvre. “Although Isa Genzken’s primary focus is sculpture, she uses various media including photography, film, video, works on paper and canvas, collages, and books. Her diverse practice draws on the legacies of Constructivism and Minimalism and often involves a critical, open dialogue with Modernist architecture and contemporary visual and material […]

Idan Friedman

Idan Friedman Work from Profiles. “Profiles, a project by Israeli-based designer Idan Friedman, references commemorative medals and historic portrait miniatures typically set in gilt metal but introduces a contemporary twist. The portraits, embossed on aluminium throw-away trays, suggest that ordinary people (like Idan’s local cashier pictured) deserve recognition. Skillfully executed, this project perhaps also suggests […]

Irena Knezevic

Irena Knezevic Work from Failure of Visible Universe. “This work, conceived as a ongoing collaboration with University of Chicago Department of Astrophysics, functions as an annual index of all galaxies imploding since the work was first exhibited in 2006. Especially pertinent in a time of recession and disaster, recently the editions were developed into personal […]

Wyne Veen

Wyne Veen Work from his oeuvre. “My central theme is uselessness. I feel that life is ridiculous. The products and arrangements I show are a reflection of investments of time and effort by men.  They show the development of our society just like the old 17th century famous Dutch still lives did. But I don’t see this […]

Jan Kempenaers

Jan Kempenaers Work from Spomenik. Buy the book here. “Powerful photographs of mysterious monuments in former Yugoslavia. Willem Jan Neutelings, quoted from this book: “The Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers undertook a laborious trek through the Balkans in order to photograph a series of these mysterious objects. He captures the Spomeniks in the misty mountain landscape […]

Lauren Pascarella

Lauren Pascarella Work from her oeuvre. “My work involves demonstrating, in both image and process, the intangible connection between signifier and the signified. By photographic fragments of imagery that is site-specific to the viewer (a book, a chair, a light, a building), I am compelling the viewer to consider only what is in front of himlher visually. Through […] Work from The following are just screen grabs, take the time and visit the site, it is well worth it. “Icons dominate the modern maps completely and with the comic style Google simplifications of symbols our ives have become very ordinary. There are currently some 166 Google standard symbols available in Google Earth […]

Temporary Services

Temporary Services Work from Designated Drivers “For Designated Drivers, we invited an international selection of twenty people and groups to each fill one four-gigabyte USB flash drive with material of their choosing. These drives will then be presented in exhibition spaces, attached to wall-mounted retractable laundry lines. Visitors will be able to load their own […]