John Michael Boling

John Michael Boling (some pieces with Javier Morales).

Work from his (their) oeuvre.

“John Michael Boling and Javier Morales draw their inspiration from found digital material. They appropriate, remix, and re-edit old videos, images, and sounds found mostly online. The result is work that incorporates elements of Pop art, conceptual art, music videos, and satirical nostalgia.

Some of Boling and Morales pieces simply involve juxtaposing multiple YouTube videos on the same page (simultaneously), in order to highlight their absurdity. Other pieces feature heavy editing of the source material, along with original music composed by Boling and Morales. Still other pieces may simply feature an animated GIF with some absurdist touch as the part of the image that is animating.

All of this work is posted on Boling and Morales’ website called 53 o’s. The address of the site is, but with 53 o’s instead of the usual 2. Even the name and address of this site helps to illustrate the clever and playful approach that these artists bring to digital art.” – text via AMODA

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