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Tim Davis

Tim Davis Work from Permanent Collection (writing from The New Antiquity). “You are standing in a field in Italy, looking at a pile of rocks. They are unremarkable, rutting out the ground like any gentle reminder that we live on something called a “crust.” You’ve seen rocks and these are rocks. But someone else—a friend, […]

Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor Wood Stills from Still Life. “Still Life is one of the most classical works of contemporary art I know. It inscribes itself in art history with hardly any commentary. This is not just a Still Life. It is a vanitas, a particular type of still life developed in the 16th and 17th centuries […]

Laura Wood

Laura Wood Work from the series Memories of Leda and Stay Awhile. ____________________ Memories of Leda “The motivation behind this work is an investigation into the image and perception. Despite the observations of Roland Barthes in the early 1980s, we tend to invest an uncritical faith in photography, accepting its documentation as an objective view […]

Veron Urdarianu

Veron Urdarianu I stumbled across this work today and it calls to mind Ezawa Kota‘s work which I had debated posting last week. From what I could find on Urdarianu, his inspirations are not photographic, but his work reveals so much about the compositions and conventions of photogaphy.Works above were made between 2006-2008.

Angelika Rinnhofer

Angelika Rinnhofer Work from Menschenkunde and Falsenfest. I highly reccommend that you read the statement as well as check out the newer Varsity work.