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Martijn Henkriks

Martijn Hendriks Work from his oeuvre. There is a good interview here. “Martijn Hendriks’s videos, sculptures, and installations often involve seemingly unproductive gestures. Exploring how such unproductive acts like displacements, mistranslation, removals, withholding things, obstructions, overdoing things, repetition, mismatchings, and attempts at impossible or redundant tasks may become productive, a common thread in his work […]

Katja Mater

Katja Mater Work from Remission. Go to Mater’s website and check out her other bodies of work as well, there is a phenomonal range of work addressing conceptual aspects of the medium of photography. The titles of these pieces are fantastic, make sure you follow the words that haven’t been redacted. “Remission is something i […]