Archives for the Month of September, 2010

Kari Altman

Kari Altmann Work from her oeuvre. “Kari Altmann, for example, considers her work to be located not in individual works (as meaningful as they may be), but rather in her avatar inside the data cloud wherein one views her perform the excavation and molding of her own artistic archive in mutable cloud-space, cloud-time. Sometimes she’ll […]

Lello / Arnell

Lello / Arnell Work from Vice Admiral Francis Drake’s Expedition to the South Pacific Aimed at the Disruption of Spanish Exploration and Conquest, which I believe is a subset of Rediscovery. “A series of three photographies using the «adventures» of the explorer / pirate Francis Drake in the 16th century as a point of departure. A […]

Renato Leotta

Renato Leotta Work from Mirror Project. “Mirror Project is a series of exhibitions organized by Barriera, Turin, where the invited artists will work and discuss with the space, developing a site specific project. The protagonist of Mirror Project’s first edition is Renato Leotta. Leotta worked on space-time coordinates, defining a new path within the exhibition space. […]

Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus Work from his show at RENTAL. “Using the spectacle of a motor vehicle crash as a stand in for the spectacle of art making, Kraus has created a new body of work that investigates modes of production and audience. The exhibition at Rental in New York consists of sculptures made from pieces of […]

Artie Vierkant

Artie Vierkant Work from Full Throttle. “In Full Throttle, by Artie Vierkant, a six-screen video installation and continuing series, action and suspense scenes from major Hollywood films are recorded streaming over the Internet at very slow connection speeds. Each film is a major part of our collective pop culture consciousness but is made available publicly only through means […]

Andrea Chung

Andrea Chung Work from Caribbean Life & Travel. “My work examines cultures created under the influence of colonial and post-colonial regimes and their relationship to The Land. I mine foodstuffs, recipes and archival materials such as photographs and tourist publications, in order to reconstruct and create a new series of narratives, which I juxtapose against […]

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams Work from his oeuvre. Below is an excerpt from the narrative/stream of conciseness press release from Williams’ show at Galeria Gisela Capitain. Read it. “…Williams prefers to distance himself from the gestures typically associated with professional photographers, relocating his practice across a complex series of citations and diversions of modern photographic knowledge. Every camera predicts its user, who is already […]

Serry Park

Serry Park Work from XO. “I cannot open the window, nor watch the clock in my room. The only thing I can do now is to see the daylight from the windows, touch [the] fabric and fall asleep. I and the room, we both could take a rest. Only light and time flow in this […]

Tsunehisa Kimura

Tsunehisa Kimura Work from Visual Scandals. “The artist—who passed away in 2008—was well-known for his startlingly realistic collages of urban scenes, often animated with a kind of end-of-the-world, scifi-inflected festivity. Impact craters in the centers of wrecked cities share chaotic page space with Dalí-esque visions of giant human breasts in the sky. Waterfalls scour sublime […]

Henry Wessel

Henry Wessel Work from his oeuvre. Check out his new book with Steidl. “In Wessel’s images the idiosyncrasies and anomalies of Southern California and the American West are chronicled with a wry objectivity. Insightful and often ironic, these photographs demonstrate that photography can surpass its documentary role to embrace speculation and suggest narrative. Ultimately the […]