Archives for the Month of March, 2009

Brad Farwell

Brad Farwell Work from the series Lottery. I also reccommend An African Mask Looks at Sites of American Blackness and Fourth, the Tourists. Farwell’s Lottery work reminds me of Nikki S. Lee, who I guess I will have to post tomorrow, because it is awesome. “Large, vision-filling photographs, minutely detailed, with rectangles of metallic silver […]

Joe Hardesty

  Joe Hardesty Work from the series Text Drawings. Hardesty’s work with text drawings is a conceptually compelling look at the content of photographs and how one reads an image. “I make seemingly simple drawings on paper that address ambiguous and contradictory aspects of our cultural landscape. By focusing viewers’ attention primarily through the use […]

Erin Tyner

Erin Tyner Work from the series Half Awake. I cam across Tyner’s work on the Hey Hot Shot contenders blog, and once again (as with Lori Nix) I am very very glad I quit working with scale-models before I saw this work, because it is far more sucessful than I ever was with models (hence […]

Elise Rasmussen

Elise Rasmussen Work from the series, Within These Walls and Stendhal Syndrome. I wanted to continue the tradition of finding any out-of-focus work I can and posting it.  While I can’t determine whether she has ever lived or worked in Germany (to strengthen my theory about blurry photography and Germany), she did have a residency […]

Lindsay Page

Lindsay Page Works from the series Spawn (still in progress). Titles (in order), Werewolf 1, Werewolf 2, and Unitled. I also recommend the Basement Performances Series. “This body of work examines motherhood as an event steeped simultaneously in the intensity of anxiety and exhilaration, momentous gain and the spectre of loss. It is both a […]

Adam Ekberg

Precise Equilibrium, 2008. Fire, 2008. A balloon in a room, 2008. My breath in a car #1, 2008. Adam Ekberg “Using large and medium format cameras as well as video to document performances, constructions, and lens-based phenomena; my images function as traces of a presence. The photographed interventions range from very simple gestures to elaborate […]

Benjamin Stern

Benjamin Stern Work from the series Topologies. “Spring begins in Wisconsin when the snow starts to melt off the fields, and the streams flood their banks. During these times, I remember running up and down the hill by my house as the cars occasionally drove by. Spring was the time I tried to control the […]

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

Esteban Pastorino Diaz Diaz’s work with a kite and shift plane focus was some of the first work that I saw turning reality into a scale model diorama of life. What still blows my mind a little bit is that these are real, not scale models.

Isabelle Krieg

Isabelle Krieg Work curently showing at Substitut-Berlin if you are in Berlin, go to this show. There is a great range of work, and some fantastic artists’ books on sale.


leonardogillesfleur An are collective consisting of Leonardo Giacomuzzo and Gilles-Fleur Boutry, leonardogillesfleur’s work addresses the temporal nature of video work and photography, with many pieces serving as (mostly) static re-enactments of snapshots, where physical strain/time betray the nature of the pieces as video. They also have some fairly hilarious visual pun and analogue mash-up work […]