Archives for the Month of April, 2009

Paul van den Hout

Paul van den Hout Work from the series Pixelation. Paul van den Hout’s work, Pixelation, addresses the visual codes of the pixelated image. “The pixel (and pixelation) is a part of our visual code, and a pixelated image has two functions, one denying the viewer access to the complete image, and the other protecting them […]

Mayumi Lake

  Mayumi Lake Work from Poo-Chi. Poo-Chi is a deceptive and hilarious body of work that seemed like the perfect Sunday post. Enjoy. “The images in this book are not what they at first appear to be. Look again, and closely. Mayumi Lake’s series of color photographs focuses on the wakinoshita, presenting this often neglected […]

Arthur Hash

  Arthur Hash Work from no particularly named body of work, but a sampling of Hash’s oeuvre all conceptually related to ideas of material, design, and adornment. Much of his work involves humor, process (including DIY pieces), and the recontextualization of materials through their presentation as jewelry. Hash also maintains a blog with regular updates […]

Michelle Forsyth

Michelle Forsyth Work from Text Work. These pieces are made by punching out small circles of paper in a way that replicates the print pattern of a newspaper press. Forsythe’s other work has a conceptually similar approach, using tedium and repitition to force reconsideration of contemporary imagery. “For the past several years my work has […]

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch Work from Prussian Blue and others. Finch’s work is a great conceptual examination of light and color, and I have only posted a small sampling of it here. Descriptions (in order): Sky (Over Coney Island, November 26th, 2004, 12:47pm. Southwest view over the Cyclone.) | 2004, balloons, helium and string. Installation at Miami […]

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota Work from Inside/Outside,  Lebensspuren (Traces of Life) and Trauma / Alltag. Reviews of all sorts can be found here. Goff + Rosenthal has a great collection of her work as well. Spend some time on her site, there is tons of great work there. I saw the Lebensspuren installation last fall in Berlin, […]

Hyungkoo Lee

Hyungkoo Lee Work from Animatus. ____________________ WHAT’S UP DOC?:LEE HYUNGKOO AND THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES Howard Rutkowski  The Punch Line A black room frames the installation, which is dramatically spot-lit. A presentation of two skeletons, not unlike what one might see in a museum of natural history; a predator chasing its prey. Then the dawning – it’s […]

Chad Gerth

Chad Gerth Work from the series Empty Lots. “Chicago’s great physical feature is not the height of its skyscrapers, but the flatness of its terrain. To take advantage of the endless Midwestern plains, it is laid out in a persistent grid that lays waste to the land, ignoring all geographic features. Aside from a splendid […]

Mandy Corrado

Mandy Corrado Work from the series Reflections of the Muse. “From Venus of Willendorf to Olympia, the nude has been a consistent subject in art throughout the ages. Yet how often do we see the models’ perspectives? Where are their voices in this ongoing discussion? These questions came to mind often during my years as […]

Mona Kuhn

Mona Kuhn Work from the series Evidence. I wanted to post some more out of focus work, as I am struggling with the cohesiveness of content with my own blurry work. I couldn’t find a statement for this work, so here is the inside book jacket statement of sorts. Poss should be fairly regular again […]