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Carlo Van de Roer

Carlo Van de Roer Work from Orbs and Blinded by the Light. Van de Roer has some amazing, critical, and conceptual projects that cover a wide range of photographically-specific commentary. I advise you to peruse his website. There is also a great interview / article from Pilot Magazine about Blinded by the Light that you […]

Nicholas Knight

Nicholas Knight Work from the Sentence Diagrams, Frame & Photo, and Taking Pictures. Interview with Nicholas Night: Jordan: In much of your work, there are underlying (and sometimes blatant) references to the production, deconstruction and obfuscation of the original (sentence, work of art, floor, frame, etc). Quite possibly, it is this method of working/thinking (which […]

Ian Aleksander Adams

Ian Aleksander Adams Work from Gray Days. The following is an email dialouge that Ian and I had yesterday that discusses his work. It really was a treat to have an intelligent Trans-Atlantic back and forth about art. Ian: Gray Days is my most recent book project, with the final touches still being put on it. […]

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets Work from Perspective Correction, Land and Sea Horizons, and Windows. New York Times article here. “The camera records something quite different from what we see. There are no rectangular formats in nature, only in art (paintings, sheets of music or poems, windows, ravioli), and only if we choose to look at it that […]

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter Work from Overpainted Photographs. “A less well known aspect of the work of Gerhard Richter, the ‘overpainted photographs’ are not simply an answer to those who feared that photography had murdered painting, but an integrated work of material and colour. Countering the imposing format of his better-known paintings, these small overpainted photographs (mostly […]

Anu Vahtra

Anu Vahtra Work from Installations. There is a great animated gif/video of one of her installations here. I couldn’t find a statement or review for Vahtra’s work, but I did not want that to stop me from posting it. Vahtra uses Xerox prints to create a false wall in the gallery and imply the space […]

Virginia Otth

Virginia Otth Work from Petites Définitions. Otth’s work addresses the technical aspects of photography in the digital age. After visiting her site I wished that I spoke French, or at least the Google Translate was a little more perfect. Either way, you must go to look at her work. Her work ranges from a scientific […]

Krista Wortendyke

  Krista Wortendyke Work from (Re:) Media. This is fascinating work about appropriation, photo history, media consumption, etc. It runs the gamut of critical analysis / critique about photography. I strongly recommend you look at Histortical Intervention as well. “Although most of us have never experienced war, we are surrounded by its imagery. This project […]

Yogi Proctor

Yogi Proctor Work from Twenty Eight Portraits. “Twenty Eight Portraits engages the materiality of a set of public-domain press photographs to intentionally expose the gamut of everyday photographic functionality. Twenty Eight Portraits uses individual photographs of the entire presidential cabinet, which have been ripped roughly in half. The rip both figuratively and literally removes the […]

Semâ Bekirovic

Semâ Bekirovic Work from Water in water, Picture of a fire burning, Maps, and Untitled (metal ball). Bekirovic’s work drew my attention through its lighthearted, witty, linguistic, and reflexive critique of the medium. Works like Water in water, and Picture of a fire burning address the representative nature of photography in an intelligent and humorous […]