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Joan Fontcuberta

Joan Fontcuberta Work from Landscapes Without Memory. There is also a great review here. “Rather than venturing out into nature, Joan Fontcuberta creates plausible, even spectacular landscapes using Terragen, a computer program originally created for military and scientific uses that turns maps into images of three-dimensional terrain. For these three works, Fontcuberta scanned details of […]

Abe Linkoln, et al.

Abe Linkoln Work from Screenfull, Universal Acid and Disco-nnect. “A trippy pixelated skull and a playlist of warped samples greet visitors to, the collaborative blog by artists Abe Linkoln (USA) and jimpunk (France). If you like noise bands, dial-up (their browser-slowing tricks tend to frustrate navigation), or the endurance tropes of experimental work, you’ll […]

Lucia Ganieva

Lucia Ganieva Work from Attendants of Hermitage and Factory. Attendants of Hermitage is a series of portraits of docents from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg with their favorite work of art. Factory – “A series of photographs made in a textile factory in the town of Ivanovo, some 275 km north-east of Moscow. The […]

Nathan Baker

Nathan Baker Work from Seminal. Spend some time on Baker’s website, he has a wealth of great projects. “‘Seminal’ critically examines the dynamic between mass media production and pop culture internalization. The work operates under the assumption that through its dependance on mass media, the contemporary ideal of pop culture has abandoned content through its […]

Gert Jan Kocken

  Zeebrugge (Belgium) March 6 1987: The Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes just outside the harbour of Zeebrugge killing 192 people. On June 11 2001 Herman Brood commits suicide by jumping of the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. Voetboogstraat, On August 16th 1996 Joes Kloppenburg gets beaten up by four drunk guys. Soon after […]

Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser Work from the series De Luister van het Land, A la Recherche de l’Aventure Perdu and Opus Magnum Atomium. All of Hauser’s works have a distinct pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic aesthetic that reminds me of old phrenology portraits from the early years of photography.  ____________________ Galerie 37 Spaarnestad invited me to make new work with material […]

Matthew Gamber

Matthew Gamber  Work from This is (still) the Golden Age “As one of the first photographic methods, the photogram was empirically valued for its ability to trace an object by direct contact. To view a photogram is to witness the recent absence of an object that had touched the paper. The need to experience that […]

Angelika Rinnhofer

Angelika Rinnhofer Work from Menschenkunde and Falsenfest. I highly reccommend that you read the statement as well as check out the newer Varsity work.